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I have to get started writing again, so I will start with the prompt. I don’t have to get started writing but I want to so this is the first step. I have not done anything creative in some time. Maybe it is the winter doldrums. Now that finally the sun is out and it is a bit warmer and I am even hearing birds sing, it is time to get going again. I have not painted. I have not collaged. Although I did do a bit at Christmas. Oh this is supposed to be about blur.  I have no idea. The lines are blurred. It can be this or it can be that. I can be taken several ways. My opinions are often swayed when I hear different points of view. Sexuality is blurred. Anything goes. Gender is blurred. A picture out of focus. It has been photoshopped and often it looks better that way. Stylized. Google pictures offer to stylize my pictures. Just like that. 4838_99003611566_666926566_2525376_8011092_s


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So I read some other entries on the word for the day mythical. It might  have been yesterday. I am often a day off and I am not sure it continues through the weekend. I can’t say I have a lot to say about the word mythical. I have never been too interested in mythological creatures. Fables maybe ,but not really either. Too much like fantasy to me. My sister enjoyed fantasy books. The hobbit, wizard of Oz .that sort of thing. Not really my cup of tea. I did enjoy Hanzel and Gretel. if that was considered a fable. Something about the dark woods and the beautiful innocent children. The stones shining on the path showing them the way. I had a thing, still do for rocks. For stones. I wasn’t too big on that witch but it wouldn’t be the story it was ,without. The evil one.

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c01aa1b38d88c1d79c1d2397a38394a0I think of those old fashioned coffee makers that are made of metal with the glass little contraption on the top where you can see the coffee bubble. I looked it up though and to percolate means to filter through something porous..Maybe with those old coffee makers they are referring to the metal filter that fits on the metal stem that fits into the bottom of the pot. It can go on the stove. There are also electric percolators. My mom had one.I have a big one. A large urn that I bring out for special occasions when a lot of people are around. It is in the basement in a box.

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joanstilkestakeFlames. heat. pain. burning. Two ways I would hate die would be by fire or water. I can never get the image or the thought that people made the choice of jumping out of the twin towers over being engulfed in flames.I did one of those past life things on line that told me I was burned at the stake for being a ” healer” at one point in my life. I like that I was a healer but burned at the stake? Of course why am I believing or giving any credit to something I found on line based on what? the time of day I was born.

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326_mum-madeIrksome, bothersome, annoying. Get away. Stop it. enough already. An itch. Things that irritate. the noise of nose blowing in the morning. Honking is more like it. What is that? What is he doing? Stickers from fruit stuck on the counter. Empty tea bags, apple cores, sweaters left on the backs of chairs. Shoes and socks on the floor, in my way. The gym bag. Papers in a mess. Neat piles. That is all I ask for. Neat piles. Laundry left in the washer. Where is my nail clipper? Who took my comb. Where is my note pad.

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To say what you really mean

unspecifiedI had to look that up. It is not that I don’t know what sincere means, I just wanted to find out what the dictionary had to say. To not be deceitful. I did not realize, that was part of the equation. I try to say what I mean.I can’t say,however,  that at times, I am not deceitful. So I am not really sincere, I suppose. I  try to be true to my word. If I say I am going to do something, I do it. It looks like there is more to it. It is hard to be true to our feelings when we don’t always completely know what our feelings are. Or maybe we are not being honest with ourselves.  I wish I was the kind of person that was brave enough to say exactly how I feel when I feel it, regardless of the consequences. I tend to squash down what I really want to say. I am afraid of the truth.

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DSC_0135I had to ask my husband what hyperbole meant. I am embarrassed to say. He gave me an example of Trump saying something ridiculous.I shouldn’t have written that name. To exaggerate or over state something. To get carried away. Maybe I better look up the word myself. Hold on. I have to open a new window first. Okay well embroidery, embellishment. Something that is not meant to be taken literally Let me get out my needle and thread.  Trump up a story. There you go. That is a good one.

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