Getting lost in something

Immerse is the word of the day.

I just read a few of the posts for today. I was  pretty impressed with some of them. I really could not begin to write like that, so I guess I shouldn’t try but then again maybe I should. I have never been very good at making things up. When writing that is. Fiction. It feels awkward to me and stilted and makes me slightly nauseous. I have been immersing myself in photos recently My photos, I photo, Moving them here and there to keep them safe. It has become an obsession. Storing them in google, I cloud, hard drives, flash drives, dropbox and finally I am actually even printing them and putting them into albums. I have over 10,000 pictures on my computer. Maybe now I can finally delete most of them so I have more space. But should I really delete them? What if I need to find one of them. Will it be gone forever. I am spending way too much time on  this and it never seems to end.IMG_2381


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2 Responses to Getting lost in something

  1. Sheryl says:

    You only fail if you don’t try. You have lovely photos. Maybe try starting small. Look at your beautiful picture and write a sentence or two about it. Then next time maybe add a small dialogue of people talking about it. Then try one with a crazy plot. Like… The daisies soaked up the sun nourishing the plants as the roots dig deeper. The busy bee’s have no idea what hides beneath them. The dark secrets of days long ago…
    If you write what you know or love it will be obvious and people will respond favorably. The feeling of stilted will go away if you relax and write from within yourself. Don’t worry what other people are writing (yes love and enjoy other works it’s a good way to learn) Write for yourself first and foremost.

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