writing to write

I was going to do a daily prompt but then I decided to just put my fingers to the keyboard. I was going to say pen to paper but I have terrible writing and who writes anymore anyway. well I am sure some do. I am writing a food diary. That reminds me that I have to put in my entry for yesterday. I have developed this unsightly rash on my face. It is swollen and red. I have had this on and off over the years but over the past few days it seems to all of the time. My doctor says it is Rosacea. Maybe it is. The medication she gave me seems to make it worse. I think I will go off all medications and supplements. So far I have given up gluten  and sugar. Alcohol finally got dropped two days ago. That is extremely difficult for me. Dairy was dropped yesterday. What really do I have to live for now? Tea without milk and honey is a hardly worth drinking. My husband thinks it is from our Poodle. I shouldn’t pet him he is telling me. Not pet my poodle?Not snuggle and hug?I think I am depressed. My face feels like a balloon and I want to scratch it all of the time. What did I do to deserve this. There has to be a reason. I just have to figure it out. Heal thyself my sister has told me in the past, for various other ailments.


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3 Responses to writing to write

  1. Gabriele says:

    I write with a fountain pen. All new writing and letters and morning pages … my handwriting some days is terrible, others it isn’t. Sorry to hear that awful rash is back. Dropping alcohol? Yikes. That sucks. Red wine and my early morning espresso with milk and sugar are the two things that will go last, but not a moment earlier then my life being threatened by them.
    But why should it be from your poodle? Does that makes sense? You’ve had poodles for ages … I whish I were there and could tell you some great alternative, what to do, where to go, but I’ve got nothing.

    • jensiper says:

      Well, everything I have eliminated has been with me for years. I am just trying to figure it out. I went to a dermatologist and I am getting a panel of blood work done. She started me on a new steroid preparation which of course I won’t use long term. I am seeing an allergist. I frankly don’t think it is Rupert. I am washing my hands after I pet him to be safe. I can’t give up alcohol for ever. That would be depressing to me. Coffee and tea with out sugar is one thing but without milk it pretty horrible. I am sure how people enjoy it routinely that way. My son Marty drinks it only black, as did my father when he was alive. I am doing better today. So little by little I will introduce things back into my diet. I went on a Kitchuri ( Ayurvedic ( spelling) cleanse. It was supposed to be for three days. I last a day and a half. The thought of eating one more bite of that stuff makes me nauseous. It was okay the first meal. Being super healthy is not my MO. I do the best I can. love you!! Now where did I put my vagina glue? Hahahahhahahahhhahhahhhaaaa. Don’t need that kind of thing anymore anyway.

  2. Gabriele says:

    You really made me laugh there in the end! Hah. Me neither. Never looked back what that finally was over. This might be proof that god can’t be a woman after all. Surely SHE would have let men bleed once a month instead of us?
    I hope you do find out whatever causes that rash!

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