joanstilkestakeFlames. heat. pain. burning. Two ways I would hate die would be by fire or water. I can never get the image or the thought that people made the choice of jumping out of the twin towers over being engulfed in flames.I did one of those past life things on line that told me I was burned at the stake for being a ” healer” at one point in my life. I like that I was a healer but burned at the stake? Of course why am I believing or giving any credit to something I found on line based on what? the time of day I was born.


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2 Responses to fire

  1. Gabriele Gross-Stehle says:

    Totally with you on burning and drowning. Unimaginable, those desperate jumps on 9/11.
    There is a hauting drowning scene in the first “James Bond” movie with Daniel Craig, Casino Royal. Suizide by drowning … horrible.
    And fire?
    This would not be an either/or choice I’d ever want to face.
    I thought the daily prompt “pimp” was a really interesting one. Until I realized I hadn’t seen the ‘r’. Had to look up ‘primp’. Don’t think I ever came across it. šŸ˜‰
    Quite a challenge actually though, to write something about ‘pimp’ that doesn’t sound like you’ve seen it on tv. I shall make a note. Just in case.

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