326_mum-madeIrksome, bothersome, annoying. Get away. Stop it. enough already. An itch. Things that irritate. the noise of nose blowing in the morning. Honking is more like it. What is that? What is he doing? Stickers from fruit stuck on the counter. Empty tea bags, apple cores, sweaters left on the backs of chairs. Shoes and socks on the floor, in my way. The gym bag. Papers in a mess. Neat piles. That is all I ask for. Neat piles. Laundry left in the washer. Where is my nail clipper? Who took my comb. Where is my note pad.


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5 Responses to irritating

  1. andy1076 says:

    Stickers on random things yep! my peeve too!

  2. Gabriele Gross-Stehle says:

    “Neat piles. That is all I ask for. Neat piles.”
    I love that. Very funny and yet so very real. Don’t we all know this in some variation or other.
    He who yell-sneezes. How? Why?
    Crumbs everywhere when darling girl toasted bred.
    Dirty dishes in the sink …
    I can not allow myself to do this list longer then ten seconds or I’ll never stop. šŸ˜‰

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