Being like someone else. Copy cat

images-1Being a copy cat. I read a book. It was a children’s book that I read to my boys when they were small. It was about a girl. There was someone else in the class that always copied her. I can’t remember the outcome, I just remember the fact that she was upset by it. My mother or maybe someone else told me that it was the highest compliment to have someone copy you. I wrote something a few days ago about how we take on other people’s characteristics along the way. We copy. The way they talk or hold their head. A saying. A way of dressing.


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2 Responses to Being like someone else. Copy cat

  1. Gabriele says:

    Interesting theme. I would freak out if someone copied me … but I do sometimes get fascinated by the way other women wear stuff, !ike a certain ring, something big on a finger you don’ t usually use for rings, or clothes I wouldn’t think of wearing, shoes; or the way someone talks, may it be vocabulary or the energy they put into it – and I do sometimes try out some of those things. Putting on that kind of ring, getting obsessed with finding a certain piece of clothing to try it out; and sometimes something sticks and I make it mine.

    • jensiper says:

      would I freak out if someone copied me. Hmm I never really thought about it. I suppose if they outright copied me I would find it disturbing. That there was something wrong with them. Big rings. It is funny how some people dress in a way that we would never think to. I tend to dress down. Some people are so flamboyant.

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