moving things around


Rearrange things. I don’t often change things up in my environment. Not like some do. My living room has looked the same for 25 years. I hold on to things. Sometimes I move paintings around. Not often but I did yesterday . I bought a new painting. It is different than any other painting I have, so I had to do some thinking. The dining room looked like an option but there were enough paintings in there, so one had to go. I took the one with the gold frame down. I never cared for that painting or maybe it is a print or a lithograph. It was a gift, so I felt beholden to hang it. I moved the lighthouse print there, in its place. Also not a favorite of mine, although I liked it originally. A big print of a dark field. I moved that to the left of the mirror on the west wall. I put my new painting where that was and flipped the two next to it, for a different feel. Are your eyes glazed over yet. So my new purchase has found a home. It is an abstract painting that looks like a stormy green sea with a suggestion of a sandy beach. The frame is made of cream colored wall molding.


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