really old

Ancient is the word of the day. really old stuff. how old is old. What is the oldest thing there is. the universe? and what is that exactly. We don’t know. bones in the ground. Someone just posted somewhere else ,that their fathers bones were in a  pillow case under somebody else’s body in a tomb somewhere on the island of Crete. Now that is a story. Is this possible. I was in a cemetery on Wednesday. a very old one with hills and valleys and stone paths. The wind blew in the trees. Some of the graves were so old that the writing had worn away. iIwanted to touch the engraving, read it like braille. Walking on the grass, the bodies under us. I asked, is it okay to walk on the grass. Of course it is ,my son told me. how else would you get to the grave site. He looked up a name on his phone. Turned out the guy might have murdered his employee. She was called the cigar girl. She img_1116worked in his tobacco shop.. Edgar Allen Poe wrote a short story about it.  The mystery of Mary Roget.  What are the chances.


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2 Responses to really old

  1. Gabriele Gross-Stehle says:

    “What are the chances.”
    Indeed. Again such a lovely stroll to unexpected little gems of things floating through.
    Wind in the trees.
    Wantig to read the faded inspription like braille.
    The dead possible murderer of a cigar girl.
    I really like these meandering fragments, inspired by the prompts.

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