always waiting

I started this prompt early and gave up. Waiting. Aren’t we always waiting. Isn’t life a wait. Not if you are in the moment  maybe, which is what we are supposed to be, isn’t it? That is what we are told ,be in the moment. Okay so that is a good idea, which I am usually not paying attention to. Scattered is what I am, waiting for the next moment or looking forward to it, instead of being where I am. Where ever you are going, there you are. Is that the name of the book, by that guy. mindful meditation. forget about waiting. It is not worth the stress. The time will come. sooner or later and before we know it. Maybe sooner then we want it to. The fine line between being and waiting. For something to happen.I better stop now.


About jensiper

I like to write now and then
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4 Responses to always waiting

  1. Gabriele Gross-Stehle says:

    Makes me smile. It’s fun to see where these prompts take your writing voice. Unexpected places.

  2. Happy to be reading your post.

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