okay Urgent

I was going to write about trust, but I just didn’t have it in me this morning. I am not sure I have it for urgent either, but trust is such a touchy subject. It has so many sides to it. It is complicated. Urgent is not complicated. It is what it is. Something that needs to be done right away. Better hurry. No time to dawdle. There is not much that is urgent in my life right now so maybe I should have stuck with trust. I got stymied after two sentences on that subject maybe because I doubt my trustworthiness at times. I think I can be trusted, you just have to trust me on that. One of the office managers came up with some silly question for future applicants. If you were an animal ,what would you be. I thought of ferret. Why would I say that. I really don’t know. Can a ferret be trusted? Darn this is not about urgency at all. But I am going with it. Because that is the point right? to write. I envy people that can write a story. I have never been good at that. it does not come natural to me. A story about trust or urgency. I am obviously skirting the issue.



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2 Responses to okay Urgent

  1. Gabriele Gross-Stehle says:

    Funny! I like how the writing touches on both issues and they kind of merge … a story about urgent trust, maybe? Always a pleasure.

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