The meaning of subdued.

Okay another word. Subdued. Quiet, reserved? On the down low. Nothing is coming to me on this one. Maybe I will feel subdued after yoga class. Take a deep breath. Pranyama. Feel this moment. Quiet the mind. There you go Subdue the mind. Now that is a challenge because it never shuts the Feck up. I can use that word. I heard somebody on a youtube from Scotland or somewhere say it that way. Just turn it off. That should be simple enough. It finds a way to wheedle its way back into the forefront. Yoga takes the rein while I am in that dark room with the the subtle lights in the corners and the woman named Sheryl, yelling at us to let it go. I want to HEAR you breathing. I can’t HEAR you breathing. You Sunday morning people don’t breathe. She doesn’t play any music until the end. Very dry, not that much fun but for an hour I am too busy trying to maintain what ever I am doing. My least favorite being , any pose where I am leaning on one arm. My mind, subdued for awhile for lack of a better word ,for that short time, while I am breathing through that pain , that is not supposed to be pain.


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2 Responses to The meaning of subdued.

  1. Gabriele says:

    I love to hear about that yoga teacher YELLING to let go and breathe … wonderful. Subdued is a tough one. Great chain of association. Works very well.

  2. jensiper says:

    Yes the same yoga teacher. why do I torture myself! love you!

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