daily prompt clumsy

I have not done this in awhile.

I don’t really have time to do this at 7 in the morning when I have to work at 830. There is not time like the present. Clumsy. I am not really clumsy so this is a tough one. Clumsy. One who runs into things or trips. Not careful. All thumbs. A bull in a china closet. Watch your step. Missing an antennae. Two left feet. I know a clumsy person actually. He is missing some kind of sense that is necessary for maneuvering in this world. He trips a lot. He also breaks things. Lots of things. My things. Things that mean something to me quite often. Like that pottery bowl that I bought in Saratoga all those years ago. It was white. It was a big bowl. I used it for salads. It was a perfect salad bowl. He didn’t want me to buy it at the time. It cost 20 dollars. I bought it anyway and I loved it every day that I owned it. He dropped it. I usually keep the broken pieces of pottery from the various things he has broken. I either try and glue them together or I use them in Mosaics. Every time he breaks something, my mother and I look at each other. We don’t say anything.



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4 Responses to daily prompt clumsy

  1. Gabriele says:

    So good to read you again. Love the little portrait of the clumsy man. The dynamic with the mother, the silent look. A little gem. Always love these observations of yours. So much going on in just a few lines.

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