this weekend

I did a lot in my garden. I have had a garden pretty much the whole time I have lived here. Well not exactly but it evolved over time. It is not a neat garden. It starts out neat in March but by May it is a tangle of I am not sure what but a lot of weeds. The hard part at times is distinguishing between the weeds and the plants. Usually I can figure it out. I think my garden is too big because the weeds are exhausting. I do the best I can. Because the plants are so crowded and that is my other problem, it is hard to get to the weeds amongst the commotion. I really need to thin and transplant but that seems like such an arduous task and then I get tired and say to myself. Lets just see what happens. I have never divided my lilies but I know people do. Some my plants are dwarfed by others so I am thinking that is not fair so I think I will move them. So when to transfer? Before they flower or after. That is my conundrum. Probably  it, doesn’t matter too much but maybe it does. I spent a long time watering today and then it rained. Too much water is probably better than not enough. I should mulch but I hurt my back just transferring some dirt from my compost pile that I had in a wood box that rotted and now it is just a pile. Can I just have a pile for my compost? I went to Lowes today. I rarely go there but I had some time to myself and no place I had to go so I went to town. 219 dollars later, I had a pointed shovel which I have always wanted. The square just doesn’t do the job. What is that good for? , a bag of potting soil, a decorative watering thing which I have often admired and I really like made of maybe brass?, but I doubt it really, a 15ft hose to replace the hose that was hooked to other hoses that had become too stiff. I asked one of the employees there about which hose is less likely to become stiff over time. She looked at me with a blank stare, I picked out whatever, a connector that shuts off the water, if you need to, which is  a lot, a can of furniture spray that I picked up at the counter, a bag of sponges, a floor duster ( I have a new wooden floor in the den) , a new outdoor mat and a thing for wiping off the dirt from your muddy sandals from watering and weeding,  a new indoor mat for the room with the new floors, new pruners and those long pruners for loping off branches so I don’t have to pay 1200 dollars like I did last year to trim some tree branches. I think I might have saved some money somehow.


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