another day

my eyes itch. My face itches. I have little red spots on my face that flare up for no particular reason and then they itch. I try not to scratch them but it feels good to scratch them and then they get worse and ugly. I took a Claritin. I have a special non steroidal cream that I use. It is not fair really. Why my face. How about my arm. That itches too.  The birds are singing. What are they singing about. The robins are running around. So busy.  The grass is green and it smells good. I like the feel of my feet in the grass. There is a bird out there taking a bath in the dirty water on top of the pool cover.  One poppy is blooming in my garden along with the forget me nots. Soon the Peonies and the Irises will be blooming. The lilacs are dying. Turning brown.


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5 Responses to another day

  1. andy1076 says:

    I’ve been wondering what the name of these are, I got a few and they sure are interesting, the way the leaves feel 🙂

  2. Gabriele says:

    I like how this bit of writing is going places that might seem random at first but do feel very connected. The itching, oh dear, that sounds unpleasant. (So sorry! Hope it passes soon).
    The garden, sensual details, feeling the grass, enjoying the poppy, the flowers to come.
    And then the last line. I LOVE it. Ending on a dark-ish note. Dying lilacs.
    Is it just me? There is something about this ending that lifts my spirit. Who says only happy endings leave the reader satisfied? Not me! I love an ending that has dying brown leaves.
    I’m serious. Love it!

  3. jensiper says:

    thank you thank you GG. I guess it is the way of life. I read some where recently that to live we have to die.

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