Okay so trying to write again. I fell off the wagon. I got lost. I forgot. I was doing other things. what other things. I am not sure exactly but something.

What happened up there in the sky 38000 feet in the air. It turned right then it spun around in a full circle. The plane spun around in a full circle. From what I read, by that time ,it was  being flown by the computers. That is scary in and of itself. I imagine someone grabbing the steering wheel when the driver is going the wrong way.Falling out of the sky. I often look up at planes when they go by waiting for them to fall. That is morbid of me. I think of the people up there in their seats. Maybe drinks are being served. People chatting. Innocent and unaware of the disaster that awaits them. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for those people. I can’t stop thinking about it. Did the plane blow up or break apart. Did people fall out of the sky. Were they aware of what was happening. How can anyone fly with no concern at this point. Every bump makes me think the end has come. It might be the end. Certainly it was the end for them. It sickens me.


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2 Responses to today

  1. Gabriele says:

    Loved reading this. I can relate to all of it. Falling off the wagon, well, I was busy with my writing but somehow got stuck in the doing-it department. A major construction site. Back to work now, thank goodness.
    So glad you got back to yours! Loved reading the bit above, about the plane. You manage to make it personal and touching on a completely different level then the news can do. Really enjoyed reading your unique response to such a sad and frightening topic.

  2. jensiper says:

    thank you GG. I am glad you are back at it . I like that stuck in the ” doing it -department”. Hopefully I can keep at it.

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