The blue room

Bedtime. I wanted to post a picture. I had the perfect picture but I can’t find it in all of my pictures. I did look. It is of the bedroom that I slept in our house on 61 College Avenue in Annapolis. The 70s. It was a small room over looking the street. The walls were painted blue. It was one of three rooms and a bathroom down the hall at the top of the stairs. I slept in each of the rooms over the course of time but the blue room was my first and favorite room. There were two windows with white lace curtains. There was a painting of a bustling train station with the train coming in on a wall between the windows. I would look up at it from my pillow. There was a  pine spindle single bed with a patchwork quilt, a dresser and a rocking chair. My Sasha doll with blonde hair ,would lie on the pillow. The wooden ventriloquist doll with the clown hair sat in the chair. The  floor was pine.

The innocence of bedtime.  We lay ourselves down. We pray our souls to take. We close our eyes.


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2 Responses to The blue room

  1. Gabriele says:

    I love blue, painted our hall in blue and petrol tones. Those last lines are most wonderful to me. In the long paragraph I see the picture and get a sense for how precious this room was. In the end I feel touched. Those short last lines of quiet peace.

    • jensiper says:

      it was such cozy little room. It was definitely a comforting place for me. petrol tones? I am trying to see what that would be. I love blue as well. My living rooms wall are a deep blue with cream colored molding. A colonial blue.

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