Another dream

img038I had another dream last night. The kind of dream that lasts with you ,maybe for all time. I do  have those kind of dreams that become part of me. It might have something to do with cleaning out the den cabinets, yesterday. Those cabinets have held an assortment of whatever for about  20 years. I am not even sure what but I found out yesterday. Schedules, artwork, school supplies, school papers, schedules, remotes, cables, chargers, pencils, cds, leashes, collars. Well suffice to say that I packed two garbage bags full of stuff. There were some pictures in there, that of course I did not throw away.  Pictures like this of Marty and Harry when they were young. I call it our previous life. It almost seems like someone else’s life, not mine. I found myself tearing up at the end of yoga class today. A life that is gone. Anyway in the dream they, Marty and Harry were young again. About this age I would say. Harry was young enough, toddler. Marty was school age, maybe 6. He was in blue. It might have been a snow suit. At one point Harry was in the road and I had to save him from an on coming car. Another part of the dream we were driving to RPI to look at colleges even though they were small children. In the road people were dancing and walking towards us getting in our way. We got to our destination which appeared to the financial department. Marty was identifying  pencil drawing of animals for a woman with long brown hair. I was impressed with his knowledge, at the same point worrying that I had not been helping him with his homework.  Suddenly I could not find Harry. I had lost him.  There was a crowd of people suddenly. I kept calling out his name. I could hear his voice but I could not see him.



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