Oil painting class

I went to my first oil painting class today. I went to that workshop that I mentioned  in my last post but this was my first official class. I shouldn’t go so far as to describe it as an class. I suppose that there is no apt description. It is definitely not what I expected. The workshop was more professional, but that was just a one day workshop. Maybe a teacher can’t keep that up day after day. For one thing there was small dog in the class. Maybe I should back up. The class if you want to call it that is in a small shopping plaza on route 9 in Halfmoon NY. Not far from where I live. In fact in a stretch I could probably walk there. It is on the second floor. After you walk up the stairs you take a right You open a door with one of those bars you have to push on ,in the door itself ,to open it. You go down the hall and it is the third door on the left. She told me that it would be open ,but if it was not, she showed me where the key is hidden in the wreath.  I thought it was strange that she was showing me, a perfect stranger how to find my way into her studio. That made me like her right away in a way. Studio might be an exaggeration There are two small rooms. The first is narrow, with three easels set up, with metal folding chairs with cushions and a plastic table on the side. The next room is smaller ,but square with two easels and a sink. The third person in there was painting on her lap. She was painting a chicken. The other woman in that room was painting a large canvas of flowers. She was pretty talented, but she was wearing way too much make up. She asked me if my children were all grown. It troubled me that suspected that. She was was the one with dog, named Bailey. One of those shit su or somethings. Very sweet though and she started off crouched over in my corner by the door until they insisted on moving her.  I was fine with her being there.

My first time there was last week for a visit to say hello and find out where it was. There was only one student. For some reason today the place was packed . Well ,packed for two small rooms.  Five people painting. All of them had been taking form Audrey ,that is her name for some time. Some guy showed up who supposedly started painting with Audrey from the beginning whenever that was and there was big hug and maybe they had not seen each other in ten years. Why  he showed up today I have no idea. He hung around and talked about the old days. Drinking and fooling around seemed to play a large part. He gave advice to me ,about where to add some stuff and he left. Somebody named Lilly was discussed at some length. I gather she must have died from the conversation. A young person showed up that saw a flyer and was asking about lessons. Seeing the chaos she will probably not return. I am not sure why I returned.

After calling out to Audrey a few times she did give a few tips. She sat down and tried to fix my painting. She mixed a few colors so fast I have no idea what. I learned more from the girls sitting next to me. I did get something out of it though. I will go back. It was just too weird. Compelling in some way. What do I have to lose.


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2 Responses to Oil painting class

  1. Gabriele says:

    The last line made me laugh. Indeed. 🙂
    Very funny sounding painting class, a bit chaotic and unfocussed maybe? But still, if you feel like going back there must have been something there for you. An adventure at the least!

    • jensiper says:

      well, I am up for an adventure. I do like working with the oils and even though the teacher is a bit flighty I am sure I will learn something from her. Love you GG!

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