Something that does not last

I have been thinking about the prompts these last couple of days.
I even started to write something about the word Drop,f but I got stymied. Sometimes the prompt word doesn’t work for me. I can’t think too much about what I want to write. it has to flow. Maybe that is why the flow prompt worked so well for me. Fleeting ,Drop and Envy are the last three words. Envy. Well I don’t want to go there at all. Fleeting, I was thinking that maybe I could work with that. Something that does not last came to mind and there are a lot of things that are brief.. When I was seeking a song on my car radio the other day, well I was actually seeking a song on my phone which is connected to my car by bluetooth, whatever that is and why is it blue. I like the word seeking now that I think about it. Who decided to label it seeking. Seeking the right song. I have a lot of songs on my phone. A majority of which I never want to listen to so, I have my finger hovering right over that seek button. Sometimes when the song starts I like it.  I am bobbing my head and snapping my fingers.This is a good song I think to myself and then I look at the artist and the name of the song. I usually have to take my sun glasses off because I can’t read it. Hmm I say to myself. Oh it is that song and I realize that I will be seeking soon enough because I only like the beginning of the song. It must be like that for the songwriter. They start out with a tune in their head. It either morphs into a really good song or it doesn’t. Some books also start out well and then, well, they end up on my shelf unread.  I have several of them. Occasionally I take them down, look through the pages, wondering if I ever actually read it. I put it back, thinking that maybe some day I will . That is why I have so many, too many books. Smells are fleeting as well. There I finally  used that word, instead of “seeking”.You walk in a room. Mmm that smells good and then before you know it you are sniffing around wondering what happened. Where did it go. Which can be a good thing if the smell is less than pleasant. Spring doesn’t last too long. We can add that to the list. One minute I am handling those tender shoots with care and excitement. The next thing I know it is the heat of summer and I am over come with weeds and those early flowers are long gone. Everything is fleeting okay if you come down to it. Only the things that you don’t like to seem to last forever.



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