Not finished: Incomplete

IMG_3694This is my work station of things not completed. There is a lot of potential there, most of it is hidden under other things. Ideas. The cast iron frying pan with tiles on it. There is space for a few more tiles and then it has to be grouted. I started it a year ago. It is still sitting there. It is on my list of things to finish. The chair beckons to me to paint or collage. How about the tea cup invitations that I have been working on for the tea that I plan on having. I have the tea pots and the cups. I have assorted teas. I have been putting aside recipes for sweets to make. I just have to go downstairs and finish those invitations. My dog also has to combed and his teeth brushed and his ears cleaned. That is on my list today along with practicing my tap dance. I have been sitting here for two hours. There is work to be done. I could start cleaning out my garden. There are pots out there from the fall that I never moved. Water is sitting in one of them. I lost my new registration that came in the mail. It is somewhere on my dining room table under statements that I mean to file. I hope it is there anyway. Otherwise I have to go over to the MVA. I can’t put that off because it is due in April. The word prompt was Incomplete not Procrastinate. Maybe they are one in the same. Procrastinating to complete.


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4 Responses to Not finished: Incomplete

  1. Gabriele says:

    The imcompletion very much resonates with mine. Things started but never finished, lingering around the household. Things in need of doing, clearing the winter in time for spring to come. Very familiar, very much liked this. A very sublte sense of humor running underneath. Fun.

  2. I have so many lists that are in incomplete status. And yeah, for me some of it is just plain ole procrastination too. I can absolutely relate, thanks for an enlightening read … Marianne

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