In the moment : Flow

IMG_3719Flow is the prompt for the day. I have not done the daily prompt in some time. I have just been writing whatever comes to mind but sometimes I suppose it is good to stretch ones wings or go out on a limb. To do whatever comes up. Go with the flow. I love the thought of that. I want to take the rudder most of the time but when I do, let things just happen I have a better time. I think it has a lot to do with being in the moment which entails not thinking all of the time. I waste a lot of time thinking. Critiquing, mulling, day dreaming, worrying, planning, imagining. Shutting that all off even for  thirty seconds which is all I can manage most of the time is a big relief.  Taking a breath and stopping even briefly tends to take me in the direction of flow.  So what will flow bring for me today.  Hopefully appreciation. Small moments of appreciation. That is flow to me. Slowing down and enjoying even the simplest of endeavors. I want to rush through most things to get on to the next thing and then it all becomes overwhelming. Start small.

So I talked about flow. Instead of writing something inspired by Flow. hmmmm. Something to work on.


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3 Responses to In the moment : Flow

  1. Gabriele says:

    I like these daily prompts. Not using them anymore since I’m in the process of editing. But this reminds me of the fun and ease my daily pages used to give me. Plus a growing wealth of material that even sometimes went into my novel, because once you start writing freely AND you work on a project they inevitably start to mingle. I think letting oneself inspire by a word and then go with whatever occurs invites flow to happen. Could go anywhere.
    Lovely inspiration, makes me want to get back to my daily pages. And why not. Maybe I will. Always loved them when I did them.
    Thanks for inspiring me! 🙂

    • jensiper says:

      writing a short bit about an word is totally different then writing a novel that is for sure but I can see where you could use the material. I went to a book signing today. The writer is wife of my cardiologist. i don’t seen him anymore because I am fine but because of him, I knew her. She came to two of my book clubs in the past. she just finished her fourth novel. . She and another writer read from their books and talked bit. It was fun and I really enjoyed being. I don’t think that I could ever fiction and I admire those that can so much . Like you!!! Your writing has always been such a joy to read. You are the inspiring one! I miss reading your pieces.

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