February 24, 2016

Leigh lived on a street off of the state circle. Her house was small. All the houses on that street were small and old.  Annapolis was founded by puritans exiled from Virginia in 1649. I read about it in Wikipedia.  I like that about writing. You never know where it will lead you. So the houses were old. I remember her front hallway and the kitchen. It was cramped and the ceilings were low. You could see the Severn river from her back yard. Annapolis sits on the Chesapeake bay, at the mouth of the Severn river.  Some other interesting facts. Annapolis was the capital of the United States for a short period of time in 17 83. It was also a major avenue for the Atlantic slave trade.

IMG_2007Here is a view of State Circle. Not the street that she lived on.  She lived on the other side of the capital.

leigh had a brother.His name was Tim or Tom. He also had white blonde hair but it was shaggy. He was younger. She had a very tiny terrier dog named Killer. She would say ” get him Killer”. I was not a dog person at that time, so I had no interest in her dog. Her mother was thin and tall ,again with white blonde hair. She looked older than her years and I have a feeling she was a drinker. She was definitely a smoker. Her father was dapper. He had disheveled hair that was not blonde. He wore a suit with a bow tie.  He had an advertising agency in town.Leigh went to work there after college. She went to the University of Virginia. I didn’t know how impressive that was at the time. I went to a small unknown baptist college called Alderson Broaddus in Philippi, West Virginia. It also had a claim to fame in the Civil war, being the site of the first land battle. It also had one of the only remaining wooden covered bridges.

Leigh used to write me long letters from her time in college. Joining a sorority. Lots of parties and boyfriends. That is where she met her husband / He became a mechanic. My mother’s mechanic as a matter of fact which is a coincidence and this was long after I had moved away.

She invited me to her wedding. I was dating Charlie at the time. I brought him with me even though thinking back I probably shouldn’t have assumed that I could bring him without asking. I  put two instead of one when I sent back the reply.

She had the most amazing hair. I had never seen anything like it and have not since. White blonde. Yes. It was very long and a little wavy. She wore it plain. She was plain in a way but striking. Her eyes. She aged well. The last time I saw her, we met at a bar. That would have been nice, but she was with a bunch of her friends and they were all playing trivia. She all but ignored me and it was awkward. I never spoke to her again. Not because I didn’t want to.

She was taller than me and very thin. She had a boyish body, straight and long. She went to some cool school before transferring to Martin Spalding, the girls turned coed  Catholic high school off route 2 on the way to Baltimore.   Other friends of her came from that school. They stuck together like they knew something the rest of us didn’t

We became friends because of proximity. The same bus stop, the long drive to school. She was smart and her friends were smart. We hung out in the math resource center. Joined the chess club.

As the years went on we drifted a part She got rides to school. I found a new friend named Cindy. I still had my eye on Leigh though. I always wished that she would choose me. That I would be her friend.





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2 Responses to February 24, 2016

  1. Gabriele says:

    Such an interesting dynamic in this uneven friendship.
    Lots of material here for a short story, makes my fingers itch (a great distraction from getting on with my bloody novel … 😉
    I find it interesting that Leigh invites your I-character to her wedding, writes her long letters from college but later doesn’t bother much with her anymore.
    Mother and brother with the same hair, the father quite elegant with an advertising agency … Anyway, this fires up my imagination. Great detail, should you ever want to do something with it.

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