February 17, 2016

Half pigeon pose in the dark on a Sunday morning. The cold blue mat smells like rubber. She finally puts on some music. The rest of the class is silent except  for her voice.  Half pigeon heralds the end of the class, just before the last pose of our choice and when I can lie down under the blanket with it’s southwestern motif. My socks  and my long sleeved shirt. I have a love hate relationship with half pigeon. One leg bent at angle underneath me and the other stretched out behind. Straight with toe pointed. That leg should remain active. The foot of the bent leg with with a flex. Starting out upright with hands on the mat by hips. Then I can bend forward. My arms must be out straight in front of me. I would rather have them bent with my forehead on my hands. No they must be straight and I am to relax into the pose with my upper body.  My body is screaming. I am not sure where the pain is coming from but I am supposed to breathe into it. That pain, that resistance is supposed to be for a reason. I am holding back. We are all holding back she explains. We need to release into this, acknowledging it. I continue to breathe with Uaji breath. The deep sounding ocean breath. Are you breathing she asks. I can’t hear you.


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1 Response to February 17, 2016

  1. Gabriele says:

    Loved reading this. I get a sense of this yoga teacher without her being mentioned directly, just that bit towards the end. She sounds a bit like a drill sergeant. That last line, hah.
    I don’t think it is supposed to hurt though. There doesn’t seem to be much to be said for ignoring pain during yoga class. I prefer stopping at the brink of pain, then go a step back to where it doesn’t hurt. She shouldn’t encourage going over that line. Holding back or not, pain is an alarm signal when something is too much.
    I hope your beautifully drawn I-character will not let herself be soft-bullied into severe back pain.
    Speaking of yoga.There is a wonderful short story by Joe Dunthorne I linked to my Facebook when I was still on there. Unusual perspective and just beautifully written. You might have read it at the time but If you haven’t, you might like it.

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