February 10, 2016.

I had a Jin Shin Jyustu treatment today. I found his name in the Healing Springs pamphlet that you can pick up for free at the Green Grocer. I have seen his advertisement a couple of times in the past. Many a time I thought to myself that I should give him a call and like all of the other things that I mean to do, I filed it away for another time. This past time I thought to myself I am going to call him. I have been battling an upper respiratory symptoms for some time so I thought I should do some kind of tune up for my immune system. I need to work on my energy. It is scattered. I try and rein it in. I try to be centered. I try. I am missing the mark. I thought that maybe this would give me a jump start. I have had JS as it called a couple of times. My sister is a practitioner. She lives 7 hours away. She has worked on me a couple of times. I think she is very good at it in retrospect. I found someone in Albany five years ago after I had abdominal surgery. I can’t say he was very helpful. I think the man I met today has something to offer me. He works out of an office in a medical park on route 9. St Claires medical arts. It is a dark natural wooden building with lots of windows, at the end of hill overlooking what used to be a forest.   The room where he works is on the second floor. A nice room with plants and comfortable chairs. The guy in Albany worked out of his apartment. I had to use his bathroom with his shaving equipment and toothpaste. That was off-putting.

Jerome, that is his name put on some relaxing music. Mostly tones and those bowls that make a sound when you strike it. I have one. I bought it for my husband from the Green Grocer as a matter a fact. I was a bit nervous at first as he felt my pulse. I didn’t feel nervous but my  heart was pounding. I relaxed into as he put his hands on different parts of my body. I tried to empty mind and I tried to feel the healing energy. It didn’t always work but there were times when I honestly felt something.  After some time but not too much time. He was done.  We sat down. We chatted a bit. Then I asked him if he would take a check. He would. He gave me a sheet on some self work I could do which I appreciated because I was going to ask him. When I got in my car to drive away, I was surprised to see that I had been there for almost an hour and a half. How was that possible. I think he might  have  something. Something happened there.


I had to be somewhere. The Vischer Ferry General Store to meet someone that I have  been putting off seeing for four years now. The doctor I used to work for who wants to see me but have not felt comfortable with it. I saw him. It was awkward at first. I know he just wants to talk, to see me for whatever reason he has. It is okay. But I  don’t understand it.


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5 Responses to February 10, 2016.

  1. Gabriele says:

    Had to check what Jin Shin Jyustu is. I’m not terribly keen on energy treatment. I rather prefer someone to work on my body in a way that I can feel, like a really good (and quiet!) massage … though I did have some energy work done back in the day by people who were quite impressive. Anyway. What I loved about what I found is that on the page there is a very simple 6 step plan for doing the simplest Jin Shin Jyustu on yourself. That is cool. They are obviously not afraid to let amateurs check the method out, on the contrary. Will try it on myself later. My back hurts, maybe I can get some energy flowing where it belongs.

    I’ve found an English page that shows the exact same six self-help exercises.

    That doctor sounds a little worrysome. Whatthehell.

    • jensiper says:

      Thank you so much GG. I looked around the internet before I went to see Jerome and I couldn’t find anything worthwhile. Yours is very concise and easy to follow. I printed it. I used to do some self JS several years and I really did find it beneficial. I don’t know if it is the actual energy work versus taking the time out of my day to sit still and be quiet. I don’t do enough of that. I keep meaning to. I know that is what is missing in my life.

    • jensiper says:

      oh! I wasn’t sure who you meant by the doctor. I forgot the part at the end. Yes he is a bit worrisome in some ways. I worked for him for 7 years and then he got strange. He wanted to spend time with me etc. He was never physical, it was just uncomfortable. I left his practice. 15 years later he wrote me a letter that gave me the impression that he was ill, maybe dying. He wasn’t of course but that opened up an avenue of conversation. That was 5 years ago. We email now and then. We just had a cup of coffee. Well I had water. Talked a bit and I left. I think it is pretty harmless. I have been able to control it. I know raised eyebrows. I feel them!

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