February 9th 2016

I went to a Korean restaurant today with my friend Laureen. I have kind of lost touch with her recently for whatever reason so it was nice to be with her again. She used to be my best friend. Well what am I saying best friend. There probably isn’t such a thing anymore. At least not since middle school. She was the person that I always had the most fun with. Someone that I can laugh with. In this world there are people that you gel with and those you don’t. Laureen and I have always gelled. If I had the chance to sit next to her or someone else I would always choose her. We first met back in 1996 approximately. We were both on a beginner tennis team. There was something about her that intrigued me. I ran into her at the YMCA. I approached her and asked if she would be interested in hitting with me sometime. She looked at me and said ” you know. I am very busy”. Well ok I thought to myself. Down the line an opportunity opened up for me to go away with a couple of girls to tennis camp in Vermont. This was in the summer. We needed a fourth. So who did I ask. I thought she would be fun. I tend to be quiet. She is an outspoken, tends to get things done kind of person. I guess we compliment each other in that way. She said yes. We ended up going and I had one of the best times of my life. Four of us have been going away every year now since that time. We started out young woman in our thirties and now we are in our fifties. The fourth person tends to change around every now and then but three of us always go. One of the reasons we are not as close is the fact that I stopped playing tennis seriously about five years ago because of a torn rotator cuff. I don’t have the same opportunity to see her. She has other close friends that have closed the gap. I didn’t mean to talk so much about our relationship. It does mean a lot to me. She has changed in some ways. More money, a Mercedes and a plastic surgery. All that can change a person. Although I think she is the same down deep in there. I have trouble dealing with the exteriors so maybe that is my problem.

I suggested that we meet at the Vischer Ferry general store,  a cute little place that opened up in an old historic building a few months ago. We drove there only to find out it was closed. She suggested we head down to exit 6 about 10 miles away to a tea place on route 7. We pulled in there to find it was also closed. I noticed a Korean restaurant in a strip mall on the way there so I suggested we try that. She had never had Korean food. I had it a couple of times and told her that the soup is good.

The place was open and was empty except for one table with two woman.  A friendly waitress brought us menus, tea, that we decided tasted like popcorn and water. We both chose the spicy beef, vegetable and vermicelli noodle soup. The waitress warned us that it would be hot , but said she would tell the cook to make it mild. She brought out 3-4 small plates of different condiments like Kim chi. Very tasty but hot!

The soup was so delicious. It was red and filled with shredded beef, cabbage and mushrooms along with thin clear noodles. It was so hot my eyes and nose were running. I had to run to the bathroom to  blow my nose.  Laureen filled me in on the plans for oldest daughter’s wedding in June. Her son was doing better at his business but needed to lose weight. She herself was on her way to Florida in the morning for a week. I told her about my week off. The bone soup I made and my baking plans for later. I told her about Harry’s health scare that turned out fine and about Marty and his tour. We hugged goodbye with our little bags of carryout soup. She got into her Mercedes and I got into my Prius.


This was taken several years ago. Friends.


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4 Responses to February 9th 2016

  1. Gabriele says:

    We had company for dinner last night, my husban’s sister visiting Berlin with her husband. We made thema korean-ish dish, they loved it. Chicken and veggies with those special spices, curry and miso and lemongrass and many other things. I don’t like to write recipes. You are a natural.
    Loved the bits on friendship.
    Just listened to a podcast on best friends a few days ago. Dear Sugar radio. Sheryl Strayed and Steve Almond giving life advice and often have guests on the show that blow your mind.

    For the one on friendship they had the author Ann Patchett on the phone and she simply was awesome.
    I’ve downloaded the Podcast Addict App on my smart phone (love that my phone is smart!! 😉 and I have become addicted to podcasts ever since.

    • jensiper says:

      I have a podcast app but it does not inspire me. I will check out yours. Thank you for the links. I will check those out. I enjoyed Sheryl Stray’s book and I love Ann Patchett. I am not familiar with Steve almond. I am looking forward to listening. Sugar radio. I like the name.
      I have never been able to find lemon grass. There is an asian store not far away but the one time I went there it was a weekend and it was so crowded and confusing that I had a panic attack and had to leave. I will venture back during the week sometime.
      I bookmarked the episodes. I see it is Boston’s NPR station. I love NPR. Have you ever listened to any This American life’s episodes They are fascinating. I listen when I take a long drive and the time flies. My friend told me about a podcast Serial that is addicting. I think it is about a serial killer which I am not so sure about but she swears by it.

      • Gabriele says:

        Lemongras. Maybe have a look in the freezer? We get them as frozen little stems, you can cut them into very fine rings even frozen. Very easy to handle and to keep fresh that way.
        I LOVE This American Life, listen to it every week and when I have the time I’m working my way back through the archives on the website, a LOT of additional podcasts there. Serial I discovered some time last year when it had already aired completely so I could binge on the whole season whenever I had enough time. There’s a second season out now, I’m waiting for episode 7.
        Season one was about the murder of a teenage girl, Hae Min Lee. Her ex-boyfriend has been in jail for 14 years and keeps saying he’s innocent. The Serial staff looked into the story and it is fascinating to hear them go back, talk to people, finding things that didn’t add up. In the end you still don’t know, did or didn’t he do it. Adnan Sayed.
        There has been a hearing last week whether his case should be reopened, whether the first time it wasn’t handled properly. The result still pending.
        I found it addictive and the second is too. It is about Bowe Bergdal, the American soldier who walked out of base in Afghanistan for reasons that sound really strange and got captured by the taliban. After five (!) years of captivity he got rescued and now faces trial. Some say he’s a traitor. The circumstances of the whole walking off, why he did it and what happened to him are equally fascinating.
        Very, very cool radio show. They single handedly reinvented reporting on complex stories.

      • jensiper says:

        I looked for Serial but I can’t find the first episode on the podcast selection list. Only the second season. I will have to ask my friend or maybe you know where I can find it. When do you listen to the podcasts. At home or when you are driving. I usually save them for long distance driving. I sat in the living room yesterday with my noise reduction headphones and listened to a podcast on the doomed election bid of a american candidate in 1987 named Gary Hart. ( he had an affair). My husband kept showing me things and asking me questions. I think it some how it bothered him that was occupied!. I will look for lemongrass in the freezer. Good idea!

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