february 5

I want to enrich my soul
thicken it, feed it
So that it can be seen
strengthen it
know it
so it can’t change
forge it
simmer and stir
chill and let it set
I don’t want to forget it
It is mine and
I mean to carry it with me
from this point on


About jensiper

I like to write now and then
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2 Responses to february 5

  1. Gabriele says:

    This is so beautiful and moving. I love the ways this soul is imagined to be fed and forged, simmered, stirred and fortified … wonderful metaphors. This speaks to me as poetry does through images and emotions. I very much like this.

    • jensiper says:

      thank you! I had a sudden yearn to say something about my soul. I need to start working on it. I have not written much poetry in a long time. I remember that was got me started in DD all those years ago. 2007 I think it was. So much has changed since then.

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