February 5

Friday. I spent the whole day completely by myself except for of course Rupert who kept me company with his questioning eyes. I did some reading. I read a forgotten cookbook. Every now and then I decided to look at the books in my bookshelves. I have a lot of books. It is good to take one down once and awhile and look through it. I found one on almost being a vegetarian. There were a few good recipes in there that I mean to now try. One with cooked cabbage, red onion and dried cherries. Sounds intriguing. I found a book on poetry. I looked up different things to do with beans on pinterest I have a renewed interest in beans ever since an article I read on using dried beans. I wasted time on the computer reading the news etc. I read some of the book that I chose for book club. Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver. It was recommended to me. It is not an easy read but I mean to stick to it. I like it, I just find it difficult. I went for a walk around the neighborhood with Rupert. I finished the beef bone stock, strained it and put in the fridge to cool. I put a chicken in the crockpot with carrots, celery and onion and put that on low. I had some leftover pasta fagioli heated up with nutritional yeast, flax seed and parmesan cheese. I am on a role. I ate some berries. Oh and I made a smoothie with water, whey powder, banana, blueberries, carrots, celery, parsley, spirulina? , macca powder and some other powders and some blueberry kefer. It was surprisingly good. I took a bath and had an infuser going with eucalyptus, tea tree oil and orange. Yes I had a spa day. Oh before that I did a dry brush and then rubbed some hair oil in my hair. Now it is oily. I threw on some clothes and a little make up and went down to the river with Rupert. I thought it was nice out but it turned out to be very windy and cold down there. I should have worn my hat and gloves. I took some pictures of the ice breaking up on the water. I drank a lot of hot water with lemon. I just coughed and scared Rupert. It is not too often that I am completely alone all day and that I don’t have to do anything because I am sick. I am not so sick that I can’t enjoy myself. So it is a good thing and I feel better in general than I have in a long time. I don’t think my job is healthy for me. It is too busy and stressful. How can I keep up with my hot lemon water when I am so busy there. I am looking forward to not having to work. I could cook all day. I painted a picture on a card to send to my nephew who’s grandfather just died. I will mail it tomorrow. I put some food out for the birds, well the squirrel that was eating the bird food. I felt sorry for it because it looked like it had run out. They need to eat too. I gave them some cheerios for good measure.


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3 Responses to February 5

  1. Gabriele says:

    Sounds like time spent really well. I could just go on reading forever, all those bits and pieces coming together beautifully. I also liked the one at the green grocer’s a lot. A sense of freedom and time spent playfully. It makes me feel good to read these.

    • jensiper says:

      you are so sweet. I am enjoying writing. I hope to keep it up as much as I can. I find it cathartic. I sometimes wonder what happens to on line material after we are gone. Morbid to think about. I have a book in my desk with all of my sites and my passwords. I hope some day a long time from now I hope my sons will have this to remember me by. I am always grateful for my parents and my grandparents written words. Hopefully this will still exist in the future. That is another maybe. Oh well you never know. I love you GG.

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