February 4

I went to the green grocer today. I love the smell of the green grocer. I am on vacation so I can savor small things like going to the green grocer. I am trying to take this time to appreciate the small things in my life. The every day things. Like sitting in this chair under a lamp, watching rupert play with his toy. I was so happy to come back home. I want to keep that feeling of gratitude. It is so easy to forget and get wound up in whatever. Busyness. Not working helps. Being able to sleep in helps. The green grocer. It is a small store in a plaza on route nine in half moon. It smells like wood but as far as I can remember there is no wood. Is there sawdust on the floor. No there is not. Maybe it is the combination of the herbal and soap smells that gives the illusion of a hut made of straw. I like to tarry in the aisles looking at all of the items that are for, who really knows. Although I am familiar with some of it. I was worried today that they were wondering why I was taking so much time. I was taking time because I had time. Very nice to have time. That must be the best vacation. I bought some frozen blueberries for smoothies or I might just make some cardamon blueberry gluten free muffins. Gluten free for my husband. I recently read about the immune properties of Cardamon and Blueberries. So why not make some muffins. I bought some Ghee. I don’t really like the taste of Ghee. But it works some of the time. The smell can be off putting. I bought some raw honey in a jar. It looks solid and off white. Some nutritional yeast. Essential women supplement. Broccoli and green lettuce. Badger aromatic chest rub with Eucalyptus and mint. I spent too much money. What else. Tomatoes and an onion for the eggplant tomato casserole I made. Oh and goat cheese cheddar. Why Goat cheese? Is it better than cow cheese? That might be it. I did a good job there. they know me there. We smile and say hi.


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