February 2

I did some praying last night. I pretty much prayed constantly. At least while I was 30,000 feet up in the air. I didn’t bother when I was waiting with the multitude of others in the various airports I had the privilege to encounter. I said the Lords Prayer. I find that to be my go to prayer. It is the only one I know by heart. It is like a mantra. I don’t often say the whole thing. I might be saying parts over and over again. I am usually too overwhelmed to notice especially when the plane is bouncing up and down and tilting this way and that while the other passengers seem to be idly watching shows on their computers or leafing through a magazine. I check their responses to see if they seem concerned. The crew members are happily serving drinks except for when the pilot tells them to sit down and strap in which he did on the flight from Philadelphia to LA. Nooooo. Not again. I hate that. Then he reassured us not to be concerned. We were heading over the rockies. Travel control had warned them it that it would be choppy. I hung on waiting for the worst. I read recently where a plane had to make an emergency landing because of severe turbulence. Where would we land in the rockies? I prayed. My colleague at work brings her rosary. I am not Catholic but the Lords prayer works for me. The only thing is, I didn’t feel like any one was listening. I felt like I was praying on deaf ears. Was I? There is no way of knowing. I will keep it up though. I will  hedge my bets.


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4 Responses to February 2

  1. Gabriele says:

    OMG. Reminds me why I don’t get on planes. Ever. And makes me think of what Ayla’s mum used to say. ‘Christ on crutches’!! As always a lovely read far beyond content. Meaning, just love the way you write, whatever it is you write about. So glad you landed in one piece.

  2. Gabriele says:

    p.s. Do you remember the singing nun in the 70ies, who landed a hit song with the Lord’s prayer? Janet Mead.

    • jensiper says:

      Interesting!! I have never heard that. For a minute I thought you were referring to the flying nun! There is this whole youtube series on using the Lords prayer as a meditation. I find it very calming. Thanks for the link.

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