january 28

just when I started to get back to writing I will stop for awhile. well stop here anyway because I am going to be off line. that is okay. maybe I will write with a pen instead. I going to Australia and New Zealand on a cruise. This not really something I would have chosen to do. I said yes to it a year ago thinking something would come up and we wouldn’t actually end up going. I was wrong. We are leaving tomorrow on an airplane. The first of a series of airplanes that I would rather not think about. I am taking a few drugs with me and I hope they help. I certainly have to shut of my mind and all of its fears.  Well. Not much I can do. I am going okay. There is no turning back. It is what it is. I am packed. I tried to pack light but that never works. At least I can close my suitcase and so far it is not too heavy. I am using a small to moderate sized one. It is light blue with white stripes. It stands out. I like that. I have a backpack that is already pretty full with two neck rolls ( I have two different kinds) and my airplane blanket. I like to bring my own and my noise reduction head phones. It sounds like I am a seasoned flier. I am not. I like to be prepared. I have some sleeping pills and my husband has a few valium. That should do it. 15 hours is the longest flight. What do you think? Sound like fun to you. No I am not flying first class.


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4 Responses to january 28

  1. Gabriele says:

    Wowzer, Jens. Nope, not my kind of fun. I am not a flyer. Won’t do it. Not big on travelling altogether. We’re going to the seaside this summer. I’d love to go to France again, that’s about as adventurous as it gets with me. Not that much of a stretch since I’m living in Europe anyway.
    Valium sounds good, never had one. Would want one too (or three or four) for a long flight. But a cruise to Australia and New Zealand? That sounds like you could have a really interesting time. Take notes! Going to miss you. Safe travels and have as much fun as you possibly can!

    • jensiper says:

      hi!! I didn’t end up going. I got as far as LA which is far enough for me thank you. I had a recurrence of a bad upper respiratory infection and we decided to cancel the trip. I went to the doctor and I had changes on CXR so I am on antibiotics and very happy to be back home after a 12 three flight trip back home yesterday. I am like you. I really don’t like to travel unless it is on the ground.

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