January 26

Bubby is looking out the window. There is not much he has to worry about.

Not much I need to worry about because what does it accomplish but there is worry on the horizon. Behind my back and hovering over my shoulder waiting for my attention like something I forgot to do. Breathing it almost has a shape a presence. There must be away to get rid of it out of the corner of my eye a feeling in my chest pressing making it hard to enjoy unless I momentarily forget and then remember. Oh there you are. Nancy told me about her aunt that caught on fire.  She caught on fire.? I thought that I had misheard her. Yes she was leaning over her gas stove and her dressing gown touched the flame. She rolled around on the floor .She died from the burns. She had always taken such good care of her skin. Nancy won’t have a gas stove now. A worry for her. Not one that had occurred to me


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2 Responses to January 26

  1. Gabriele says:

    Such a surprising place this journey into worry is going. i loved the way into it, the metaphors, making worry almost a person, a friend even. A great worrier myself I very much appreciate this. The gas stove. O dear. Always wanted one, they’re so great to cook on. Not so sure anymore.

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