January 24th

I dropped my iPhone in my cup of tea yesterday morning. It is fairly new. Only

a couple of months old. I was holding it over the kitchen table. I had put down

my cup of tea. I fumbled with my phone trying to catch it and next thing you know it was

in my cup of tea. I snatched it out as fast as I could and was relieved to see that it was still

working. Wow! Was I lucky. Well, it worked all day until the battery died and I went to

charge it. I plugged it in and waited. Nothing happened. I had read somewhere, actually

my husband had read it somewhere. He had a similar incident some years ago. He dropped

his phone in his cup of tea ,while driving in his car. Oops! He was lucky enough  to walk in

to Apple and get a brand new phone. Just

like that. I guess they were in a good mood. I am not sure I will be so lucky. Anyway

I tried the put it in a bag of rice trick. I used Basmati rice my only choice. It sat

snug in a ziplock baggy all night. I woke at five this morning with a feeling of dread. My

phone!. Oh well. The rice didn’t do anything, in fact now I think rice or rice powder got

into the place where the little charger thing goes because now it won’t even fit in. I feel

sick about the whole thing. The phone was very expensive. Oh well.


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6 Responses to January 24th

  1. Gabriele says:

    Oh dear. A cautionary tale of sorts. A phone and a liquid, never a good match. Coka Cola is the worst I am told, any kind of sugary drink. Do I dare say there is some kind of tragic humour in this though? The rice bit. Oh my god. Don’t hate me, Jens, I can’t help it. It’s the way you tell the tale. Made me smile, except for the ruining the iphone part, of course. That’s awful.

  2. jensiper says:

    haha! pretty hilarious. I love to make you laugh!! An hour and a half at the Apple store and 300 dollars later I am the proud owner of a second 6s I phone. So much for the last one. They put it in a little box and carted it away. Bye little phone.

    • Gabriele says:

      May it rest in peace.
      Very much like you making me laugh.
      And making me want to write my own little pieces again … have been working on my novel all of last year, which is great and still ongoing. Reading you here reminds me how much I love writing daily little bits of whatever occurs.
      Put pen and notebook on my desk for tomorrow morning as an invitation. 😉

  3. jensiper says:

    I hope to hear more about your novel!!.

  4. Gabriele says:

    The novel … you might remember bits and pieces I did years back, the Aikidokas, a sad unhappy love story. I’ve worked those into a complete novel last year, well, almost complete, filling the gaps right now, editing and structuring so by easter I should have a first version.
    This was a pile of material, collected since I started writing with Sandra ten years ago, something here, something there. Most of it not usable except for the memories, details, descriptons that were in there. Ive made something new of it and it starts taking shape and looking not so bad.

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