January 23

I have lost several things around the house that I can not explain. It will forever be a mystery. I am sure there is an explanation. I continue to look for these items. Some day they might show up. I keep up hope. I did find a bracelet that I lost

, under the passenger seat of my car. I had taken the car to be cleaned finally to one of those places where you do it yourself. With a dollars worth of quarters you can almost vacuum the whole car with one of those cumbersome hoses with the unyieding nozzle. I was surprised to see it there. I was sure I had put it upstairs in the guest room to be safe. I bought it from a patient who  makes Jewelry which is expensive but worth it. I have also misplaced a necklace by the same artist. I was beginning to think it was a conspiracy. For a while I was blaming one of the dog walkers that have regular access to my house. I still occasionally harbor this thought. Or that babysitter from twenty years ago that I am pretty sure took my forest green boiled wool jacket from llbean either that or it is still at the cleaners. In addition I am missing a green cable knit sweater also from llbean. I have a brown one just like it. Last time I saw it was at a restaurant in Woodstock Ny. My husband was wearing it because he was cold. There was my mistake. I am also missing my sun glasses that he gave me for our 29th anniversary. Interesting gift choice but I did not complain. I keep them in my car. He has the same exact pair. I think he took them. There might be more lost

items that I am not yet aware of. The last thing that is gone I guess forever is my light green water proof jacket from Eddie Bauer that I got to replace one one that I have had since 1999 which ironically I still have Good thing I did not give it away  Oh and the hand knitted varied colored scarf that I

got at the shaker craft show last winter. All gone with the wind. I look  around

every now and then. You never know


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4 Responses to January 23

  1. Gabriele says:

    Oh God, all those things that seem to vanish without a trace during a lifetime. Reminds me of a ring and a watch that may or may not have been stolen when I was living in the half public place of a seminar center … wonder where they really went. Where are they now?
    I laughed out loud at the “interesting choice ” for an anniversdry present. Indeed.
    This reminds me of how much I have always enjoyed your sense of humour and the way you can be funny without even trying to be. Just because of your unique way of seeing and saying things. Lovely.

  2. jensiper says:

    I hope whoever has our stuff is enjoying it! thank you as always GG. it if fun to write whatever.

  3. kiwinana says:

    That’s not good, hope you find them.
    Maybe you are like me, put them away so they won’t get lost and then forget where I put them. Silly me, must be getting old.

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