Cosa Rica 2015

I trying to see if I can add media at any point in this blog.DSC_0053

okay well that worked. I am hoping it will continue to work as I write. I have been meaning to write down a travel journal of my recent trip to Costa Rica. This is my favorite picture of our visit there. This is a view of  the yoga studio at Amatierra wellness center near San Pablo Costa Rica. Stunning view. The trip there was a little rough. We had a some trouble landing because of a plane on the run way. The plane was descending and then it started going back up. It had to go pretty far out the way in my opinion to turn around so it added about a half hour to the trip. When we disembarked and that always takes awhile because of all the luggage people take on the plane with them now, I guess to save money and time, we were led to a large room that was packed with people. It took us awhile to find the end of the line. It was like a line at Disney but there was no ride at the end, only an immigration officer. It took us 2 hours to get through it. We were supposed to meet my sister and the rest of the members of the yoga retreat at a bench by the parking lot where ever that was. By the looks of it, there was no way we were going to get there on time. Our phones did not work and there was no internet connection. We had to hope for the best. I thought it was unlikely they would wait out there for us for two hours. I had no idea where the retreat was . I did have a phone number.

Luckily when we finally got out of there and got our bags. Neva and the rest of the women were out there on the bench that turned out to be across the street. We had to wade through a throng of men waving signs and  yelling taxi. One guy starting chasing us. I guess that is how they make their money.

It took us about an hour to get to the retreat  north east of San Jose in the mountains, outside the mall town of San Pablo. It was a welcome site by that time. The owners Jill and Bob met us with fruit smoothies.  There was a central building with the office, a lounge and the porch where we had our meals. Below that was the pool area. Terraced stairs led us to our cabins. After the guy took our luggage down and we changed we had dinner on the porch. I can’t remember the first dinner. Every meal was delicious and fresh and gourmet. We all at the same thing and Jill and Mark would sometimes join us.DSC_0062



above is the entry of Amatierra and  porch where we ate our meals. A beautiful place.

In the mornings Neva would have yoga in the studio above the main building. 730 was yoga time. I would have a cup of coffee in my room first. Delicious Costa Rican coffee. Then I would hike the multiple steps up the steep climb to the yoga studio. I would usually have to catch my breath around the pool area.


These are the terraced steps to our cabin. Walking down not too bad. Walking up

was sometimes and effort.

Yoga class started with pranayama and meditation. Then we would do various forms of yoga and chi gong. Class would run about an hour and a half to two hours at times.


our teacher, my sister, Neva


after yoga we got to each breakfast which was always the same.  A choice of yogurt with home made granola, eggs with rice and beans, toast or oatmeal. More coffee or tea.DSC_0034

we liked to sit around chatting after our meals with Mark. Sometimes a Toucan would land in a near by tree.IMG_2585

This was example of the fresh fruit we always got for breakfast as well.

After breakfast we had free time before lunch. We had the choice of lounging by the pool.DSC_0064


or taking a trip. The first day we lounged around but the second day we all hiked to a near by waterfall.


The weather was perfect it there. It was their dry season. The temperature varied from high 60s to low to mid eighties


The waterfall was nice. We all had our suits on and took a dip.


Lunch was either soup of a salad. A nice fruit flavored iced tea to go with it.

In the afternoon we would lounge around again to get ready for yoga at 4:30. This class also would run around 2 hours followed by a guided mediation by Jill the owner.

Dinner was at 7. Dinner was always delightful. Especially the deserts. Exquisite.

IMG_2597Neva and the owner Jill enjoying a laugh

DSC_0056 (deleted e617b04737f8e3422730f716a26a7e62)

oh and here is one of Bob

more later. This is tiring.

The second day Rich and Holly and went to the zip line park. I did not partake in the zip line but they did and it is a good thing I did not because they said it was scary. I went on a nature hike instead with a nice young man from Costa Rica named David. He took me through some woods, showed me some trees, some orchids, A little fawn and some butterflies.


we rode a gondola to get to the nature park


while we were at Amatierra we also each got a massage which was included and a visit with a young woman who was a shaman. That was something new for me. She told me that my energy had started to change and I would attract new people in my life. She chanted and say prayers. She pushed my body in different places and made coughing noises. She told me to hold my hand on my heart and envision green light flowing through my body.

I think it was that day that I started to get sick, not the day with. After breakfast which I never digested. I felt full all day and could not eat. I had no appetite. The thought of food made me sick. I vomited up my breakfast that evening. I ended up sleeping the whole next day. It must have been a virus. No one else got sick.

Rich and Neva and I  took a walk the next morning.


There were chickens on the property as well as an iguana named Fred.


Before we leave Amatierra to got to the Cerra lodge I will add some various pictures.  Some of my favorite shots of the retreat. Tomorrow.


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5 Responses to Cosa Rica 2015

  1. mw says:

    Thanks for the adventure Jenni. Made me remember two trips I had taken to Guatemala in the early ’90s and one to the AVI’s (American Virgin Islands).

  2. jensiper says:

    thank you!! more to come.

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