shadows: crash course in photography


well this might not be the best photo in the world, however it is what I have for the moment. I took a crash course in photography with my friend Laureen at the arts center in Troy yesterday. It was a six hour course with a break for lunch. We had bagels at the psychadelicatessen next door. There were 11 of us in the class all women and it was taught by a woman maybe in the thirties who had long blond hair and wore a large scarf around her neck and lace up boots with long socks over her jeans. She spoke very fast, was confident and I am pretty sure she lost patience with me some where a long the way.

I signed up for the course last minute after learning that my friend had signed up. I wanted to learn more about my camera since I have had it for three years and have never used any of the settings other than AUTO. Six hours sounded like a long day and I almost had second thoughts.

This picture was definitely in low light. Probably too low since there are no shadows. I have a lot of work to do. I started the morning with settings the exact opposite of what they were supposed to be and my pictures came out black. Well at least I learned from that.

We are talking about signing up for the next step which would be a six week course.

I have not been on this site in awhile. I was spurred on by a message in my email that a friend was following my blog. My blog that has been neglected for some time. So I typed in wordpress and looked for the daily post. Okay that is strange since I had spent the morning taking pictures in low light.


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8 Responses to shadows: crash course in photography

  1. Tina Schell says:

    Good for you! Get yourself off of auto and get into the course. You won’t be sorry!!

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