my old rusty mac.

what is this thing anyway. It is silver. It is relatively heavy and is rectangular in shape. It has a plug? what do you plug it into. If you still have a plug and you still have a receptacle to plug it into then you can charge it . What is charge it mean? well you might have to look that up. a small green light might come on. Not to worry. Just wait awhile. So if this thing is obselete by now. I have no idea how you would get into it but if you did you might browse around and you might find a site full of what is called blogs. What are blogs. Who came up with that name. Well you might find them interesting to read. The written word is most likely completely gone by your time. Letters? what are those? Pens? What? Well this is it. This is history.


About jensiper

I like to write now and then
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