Clarisse Fern known as Fern

Featured image I recently made a trip down to Maryland to visit my sister who lives in the town of Cabin John.  She lives alone in an apartment in a three story building behind the Bethesda Co-op and within walking distance of the Chesapeak  Ohio canal. I made the trip in September for her birthday which was the 8th. On my way down I was to stop by what is now Cori’s house. Cori is my father’s second wife. His first wife being my mother. Cori lives in the house where she lived with my father and now lives with her boyfriend Jim. The house is an old farmhouse near the town of Hampstead not far from the Pennsylvania border. She had some things for me that belonged to my father and his family. Granted the whole house and its furnishing belonged to my father but that is beside the point. what she was parting with were mostly items that had been my grandmother and grandfather’s. My grandmother’s sewing cabinet for instance still intact with all of the original contents. The flag that draped my grandfather’s casket. He was a world war one veteran. Lots of slides and albums. Among the albums were many pictures of my Grandmother and her siblings and friends. Grandmother Brown as she was known to me. Clarisse Fern Brown nee Newton. In the picture above she is the one on the left. Astonishingly she looks like me in this picture. My profile to a T. She with two of her girlfriends. Look at their dresses. I can’t get enough of these old pictures.  I don’t always know who the people are and that irks me. Not all of them are labeled. My father is dead now. He died in 1997 of pulmonary fibrosis. He can’t tell me. I might be able to work it out because he was big on family history and I have a lot information. I have to match names to faces. This will be my winter project, I think.


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