dogs in bosnia.

I somehow got involved with dogs that live in Bosnia. Stray dogs that are mistreated. A friend that I know on line from a writing site, became an advocate. She began to post pictures of dogs. Sick dogs, injured and abused dogs. Sometimes dead dogs. There was always a plea for money. I started out sending money to her and then her friends began to friend me on facebook, people who actually live there. They allso posted pictures of dogs in kennels, dogs with mange and parovirus, dogs missing limbs.  Looking at those dogs faces and learning their names pulled me in. It was easy to send money through paypal. I am pretty sure they are all trustworthy, these people. I can’t keep sending money all of the time though. I have to figure out a way to send some, but not too much. I lose track. It feels good when some lucky dog finds a forever home. I do like those pictures. The dead dogs are too much. I can’t stand that.



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