road trip 1964

if I was going to take a road trip I would like to go back in time to

1964. In a station wagon with the wood on the sides. Not the actual station wagon that I know we had but one that looks like the one that you see in pictures from that time period taken from a camera with polaroid film.

a teal color.  There is  a rack on the top piled with suitcases and some of them are red.

A golden retriever is hanging his head out the window with a pink tongue smiling. The sky is blue and the grass is green and there are blue and yellow wildflowers along the side of the road.

mountains loom on the horizon. The windows are open and we are all smiling. my father has his sun glasses on and my mother is wearing lipstick.

the radio is on and we are playing those games where you count the volkswagons.



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2 Responses to road trip 1964

  1. grieflessons says:

    And if this is the 60’s, the Kodachrome colors are really bright, with a yellowish tinge added in the years between then and now!!!

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