old house

what would I do if suddenly I owned an old run down house in the country

well it figures and too bad it is run down. I am not a fixer upper kind of person so i would have

to hire someone to help me fix it up. How bad is this place anyway?

I am seeing an old white wooden house hidden in bushes and vines barely seen unless you look closely. The stone steps crumbling the door stuck.

well for purposes of this piece I will make have to make it simple.  the place can’t be too bad off. It will be small and one story.  Just a few rooms with wide planked pine floors that I will have refinished. The windows will most likely have to be replaced and the walls painted white.

One room with have a bed with a nightstand and a lamp. maybe an oil lamp. who needs electricity.

The kitchen with have a thick wooden table. I will have wild flowers on it. OH I guess I do need electricity for the stove and the refrigerator.

I will read there and take walks . I will listen to the birds and bugs in the summer. there were be a big tree outside that I can sit under. It will be quiet and I will be quiet.

well I see now that I got this all wrong and it was supposed to be a mansion. one mans mansion is another mans shack. this will have to be my mansion because I don’t feel like rewriting it.





About jensiper

I like to write now and then
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