walking sticks

IMG_2103I haven’t written in awhile. I got lost after writing 101 ended. I suppose there might be another challenge but I don’t know what it is. So i read the daily prompt just now which is to write about the last time I can remember something that really made me laugh and I am having a hard time coming up with something. That is pretty sad. I am sure there is plenty to laugh about but nothing that was crazy funny. Okay well maybe this is funny but it is the kind of thing where you had to be there.
Two weekends ago I went hiking with Richard and my friends Bob and Robin. Bob tends to be a boyscout kind of person and he decided to take us off trail. He seemed to know what he was doing so I trusted him that we would make it to the destination that he had in mind. After of two hours of traipsing through ferns and fields and hard to detect trails, a near bear miss. I know it was a bear although I never saw it. I heard it and it scared me. We all had walking sticks with us which came in handy through the sometimes dense grass and inclines. It was not that the hike was so arduous, it was more that we had no idea where we were going. finally out of the blue we hit a gravel road that led to a small look out where we could stop and get a bite to eat. Did I mention the bugs. those were bad too. Anyway the funny part was that we kept using the sticks even though we took the road all the way back. It looked funny from behind. Someone coming upon us would certainly find it odd. I had a picture of it which make it a lot funnier but I won’t upload so i give up. wait maybe I figured it out. Maybe not.



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2 Responses to walking sticks

  1. andy1076 says:

    Well, nothing wrong with taking a trip ‘your’ way lol 🙂

  2. grieflessons says:

    Poor dog didn’t get a walking stick!!!

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