A free writing day

ImageA free writing day. 400 words. I have no idea if I will write 400 words or not but I will just write. I decided to look through my pictures for inspiration so I found this one and I decided to write about how my life has changed since December of 2013. Losses and acquisitions. My mother fell and broke her wrist very badly in September of that year. Subsequently I had to move her out of her home of 30 years in Maryland and up here near me in New York. I happened to have the week of Christmas off so that was the time period we chose for the move. She lost the use of her hand so I had to go down several times to pack her up. The move was on a rainy sunday. A one eyed man with his daughter showed up with no boxes. We spent the whole day packing her up after they went out to buy boxes and then that afternoon my mother and I made the 7 hour drive up here. We got up the next day and moved her into her new senior apartment in Latham. A few days later on Christmas morning my 8 year standard apricot poodle Napoleon started vomiting. At 7 am I drove him to the emergency clinic. He as in acute renal failure. Three days later after much suffering , my husband and I made the decision to have him put to sleep. We lay on the floor holding him. I clipped a lock of his hair. I had to leave him there on the floor of the vet. He was gone.

Three months later I decided to get a new puppy. He is six months old now. He is another poodle but brown this time. His name is Rupert Anton. He does not replace  Napoleon but he is very sweet and I love him. It has taken some adjustment and ups and downs but my mother is well moved in now and starting to enjoy herself in her new home. Her hand is not perfect but she can drive now and use it to assist her other hand. She adores Rupert. I look back at the suffering of the early months of this year. I am grateful for what I have now. I try to appreciate each moment that I have with the ones I love because things can change in a day.



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2 Responses to A free writing day

  1. Mark says:

    Hi jenni: I remember all this from dd. Good to hear.

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