lost and found at the Y

It was my job to sort through the closet on the far side of the gym. the glistening wooden floors and the smell of varnish as I walked

past the tall black boys playing basket ball with their cut back t shirts and big shoes. I closed the door behind me hearing their shouts and turned on the lights.

A long narrow room filled with boxes over flowing with towels, sweatshirts and water bottles mostly. Later in the week there would be a sale, profits going to the back to school program.  I would spend the morning sorting and folding.

I reached down into the farthest box pulling out various items of clothing, layering them in piles depending on size and gender. I felt something touch my fingertips soft and delicate. I pulled it out, tangled up in  thread from a towel.

a necklace made of small delicate blue beads alternating with green and a darker blue ending in yet another shade of  a blue lapis pendent framed in gilded gold. It reminded me of one I lost some time ago but it wasn’t the same.

I pulled at the tangled threads entwined in the beads, the pendant cold in my hand. I held it up to my chest and tried the clasp. I wore it

as I  went back to sorting, fingering it .


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2 Responses to lost and found at the Y

  1. Gabriele Stehle says:

    Lovely detail here, jenni. I wonder who lost the neclace … and I wonder where the I-character lost hers, how and why … there’s so much here to bounce ideas off of and inspire!! 🙂

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