no more tennis camp

Tennis camp was cancelled. I can’t go anymore. I have not been in a couple of years but I  get sad about this time because we would have it all planned out by now, our reservations made, the weekend picked out. The trip to vermont. in the mountains the sunshine the coolness. The breeze. The pine trees. I can’t go because I don’t really play tennis anymore. Not since I tore my rotator cuff. It was my life for so long. So important to me and now I rarely think about it. Except now. Now I want to go. i want to go to tennis camp but I can’t because what be the point if I don’t play anymore and besides. My shoulder. I can’t play because of my shoulder.

Four of us went every year. for years. 15 maybe. the highlight of my year I loved the drive.  Packing the car. 8 hours of tennis for three days.  Clay courts. sweat that good feeling tired with feet that hurt. Taking those shoes off . putting on sandals. felt so good. sitting around talking about our day looking forward to the night out to come.

we don’t go anymore. those days are gone. I miss those days.



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2 Responses to no more tennis camp

  1. Gabriele Stehle says:

    jenni, I liked this. I could feel the loss of something so simple and precious. And, couldn’t help but read it as material for a bigger story. The quiet drama of not going to tennis camp anymore and what could be woven into it. The unravelling of a marriage, the loss of a child, a betrayal of some kind that ends tennis camp forever. It sounds like a lovely setting the way you describe it so minimally. The excitement, the packing, the trip. The delights of the sport, the company. Yum.

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