“the sky was a fragile blue almost breakable”

I guess this is what makes a good book. what separates an average book from an exceptional book. A good writer.

The book itself it not easy to read “The unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry” however when I sit down and shut out my distractions

I lose myself in it, in phrases and descriptions such as this one.

It seems so easy to write something like this but obviously it is not.

that is all I can say about it. It appears simple.


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  1. Gabriele Stehle says:

    I think that’s the case with a lot of art. It seems to be so simple, until you go and try it yourself. Lovely quote, btw. Makes me want to read the book. I often have trouble get my interest up for a book that has been hyped so strongly. I’ll look out for it in the library.

    • jensiper says:

      I think you would like this book
      the unlikely pilgrimage of harold fry. It is set in england.
      It was slow to get going but now I love it.

      • Gabriele Stehle says:

        I’ve ordered it at our local library today. It does sound lovely. Will let you know when I’ve started reading.

  2. jensiper says:

    great! I am nearing the end of it.

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