finding something

I am having a heck of time writing about something I have found because I can’t for the life

of me think of anything that I have found that means anything to me really. well at least it worth writing about.

I found some stuff when I was looking for something the other day. Does that count

I have a manilla folder that

holds pretty much everything that is important to me. there is a lot in there that  I could probably throw away but I never do

I know that if I start throwing things away then all of sudden I will need something and it will be gone. My birth certificate and my passport of course. I should have one of those strong boxes I think they are called. My mother has one. I wonder where you get  something like that.I have letters that my father wrote to my uncle bob .I have never  read them all but I still have them.

cards my boys wrote to me from summer camp. Cards I had given them with stamped envelopes.  old resumes. those were fun to read. You can learn a lot about yourself from an old resume. a letter of recommendation. Might need that at some point. Immunizations records. Some old blood work from a hospital I used to work at. A stray report card. Some stock papers from the sixties from companies that no longer exist. My marriage certificate. Another certificate verifying that my younger son was born at Belleview hospital. A flattened hospital identification band. part of my fathers will. An letter from an old boyfriend.

this and that found every now and then when I am looking for something else.

this was a stretch


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  1. onelittlegirly says:

    This is great enjoyed it! Check out mine too?

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