a conversation

It started a two months ago after a cold. I started to

have panic attacks with pressure in my chest and pain in my arms

I went to the ER to rule out a heart attack. That got better

and now I have pain in ears and in my neck. I still have pain in my arms.

My doctor told me that my ears are clear.

” is it one ear or both?”

It varies. first one ear and then the other.

” do you have any change in your hearing?”

No and I have been dizzy.

” can you explain to me exactly what you mean by the word dizzy”

when I lay down flat, it feels like I am on a boat. Things are moving.

” is it brought on by looking up or turning from right to left?”

no, not that I know of. I also feel nauseated and I have had a low grade fever

” what was the temperature exactly?”

100 degrees. when I went to the ER they did some blood work. Iron level thyroid level. It was all normal.

” did they check for Lyme?”

I don’t think so.

“your neck pain.. did you injure your neck. is it sore”

No it just hurts in my neck.

” have you had any ear problems in the past?”

I have never had any ear problems.

” Have you ever had anything like this before?”


” do you have any ringing in your ears?”


” have you had any recent head injuries?”

I had an auto accident September of last year.

“are you tired, do you have malaise?”

I am very tired. I am under a lot of stress. I am moving and my job is difficult

“Do  you clench or grind your teeth. Do you hold tension in your face?”

Not that I know of.

” Well,  I will examine you and then we get your hearing tested. I will do some

positional testing on you. It might take awhile to figure out what the problem is”



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I like to write now and then
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5 Responses to a conversation

  1. Hermionejh says:

    I want to know the outcome, and if this isn’t fiction, or someone else – feel better! Well done! 🙂

  2. Gabriele Stehle says:

    jenni, throughout the whole dialog it is clear the whole time who is who. As in, who is the doctor, who the patient. Wonderful dialog. I love that you didn’t put the responses in italics. Makes it feel like an inner dialog almost, like we’re right inside their head. I love the dry, matter of fact tone of the convesation that highlights the emotional distress, that is not expressed. Like when I imagine to feel like on a boat when lying down. That must be somewhat frightening. Could have gone on and on for me, this text.
    For me it is not important whether it is a fictional event or something that happened. As soon as you write it in form of text it becomes art and I treat it as fictional, not personal.

    • jensiper says:

      your words mean so much to me GG. thank you so much. I had trouble with the conversation. I felt like it was stilted. I appreciate that you wanted to read it.

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