where I lived when I was 12

I lived in very large house on the corner of College Ave and Prince George street in Annapolis Maryland when I was 12 years old.

It faced the front lawn of St Johns College. It was built in the 1800s. Supposedly  by a ships captain . Some said it was haunted although I never ran into any ghosts.

It was was red brick with a red wooden trim. There were two peaks and a large roofed porch with sets of steps on each side. In front of the house  there was a bricked in garden with pachysandra and a magnolia tree. There was a drive way for two small cars. A fence with a gate emptied into the backyard which was small and also bricked. it was shaded and there was a small pond.

The house had Three floors, ten rooms and two and a half baths. There was a dirt root cellar behind the furnace.  It was cool and dark in there and  a place to have parties  when we were teenagers.

The ceilings were high , the windows were long with white shutters instead of curtains. The front door opened to a large foyer with black and white tiles. A wide staircase lead to the upstairs. Beyond the foyer there was the bar, long and narrow.

There were four fire places each, in the living room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom. They all must have been used at some time but we only used the one in the living room.

There was a spare bedroom off the kitchen. My sister got caught  asleep naked with her boyfriend there, one summer weekend when my parents were supposed to be away.  The upstairs had a small den where we would watch tv, separated from the master bedroom by a bathroom.

On the other side of the house there were three small rooms that my sister and I alternated in.  At one time or another I used every room.

The one facing the back was hand stenciled by my father.  the whole thing. It was a piece of art.

we lived there for 10 years. It was sold finally after my father left my mother.

I drive by it whenever I am back in town, the house I used to live in.


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