a tv dinner

It was not so much my favorite as the one that stands out the most to me. It was the standard when our parents went out to dinner.

I don’t remember the babysitter but I do remember the meal. It was frozen. A TV dinner. I guess they were to be eaten in front of the tv on one of those folding tables. It was all about convenience in the 1960s. The is the time period I am talking about.the sxities. I was living in Pensacola Florida at the time with my sister and parents. My father was in the navy. We were stationed there.

We lived in a one story white stone house with  slatted windows that had a crank  to open.There was a backyard with a chain linked fence and a tree that had pink puffs on it. The lady who lived next door sat under her tree and shelled peas.

We had a cleaning lady named Terry that lived in the shanty town. She wore a white uniform. I still have a picture of her.

The tv dinner was Mexican and it came in a flat tin foiled tray that slid out of a rectangular box. The box had  colorful picture on the front so you would know what you were getting.

Enchiladas. Chicken enchiladas in a brown sauce. There were two of them lined up next to each other. The corn tortilla soft and chewy. The container was divided into separate compartments .Next to the enchiladas there was the rice with pimentos and next to that fried pinto beans. The smell was warm and spicy. I would eat it slowly, mixing the sauce with the rice.the enchiladas were my favorite,  I don’t think they make it anymore. That Mexican TV dinner.



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