I met her because my standard poodle died suddenly. He got sick on Christmas day. He died three days later. He was only eight years old

I met Carol through a doctor that I used to work for. I would babysit his poodle when he went on vacation. That is how I ended up with Napoleon. I had heard that his dog had also died and that he had a new puppy. Carol was his breeder.

She lives near the town of Pittsfield MA. I went there for the first time when my new poodle puppy needed to be groomed. I ended up getting him from another breeder who was her friend but I had met Carol when she suggested that I meet her at a nearby dog show.

She shows her dogs. That is a life in and of itself.

We talked on the phone and she gave me directions. She told me not to text because she didn’t have a package. She drove up in an old white van. I waited while she bought about ten bags of dog food from a vendor there.

She wore jeans and a sweat shirt. She was a little chunky. No fat. Her hair  cut in a no nonsense short cut. No make up but pretty in a natural way. She is always smiling.

I went to her house as I said when it was time for Rupert to be groomed. I was surprised at how small it was and very cramped. The living room had some furniture all covered in blankets, for the dogs I suspect. She had a lot of them. All in crates and a lot of them barking. Stop it Alice she kept saying. It was cluttered. Her bathroom was dirty but that is where she washes her dogs. Her mother

lay in a hospital bed down the hall. I saw her there when I followed Carol down for Ruperts shower. She takes care of her mother who is in hospice now. She took her out of the nursing home.”They weren’t taking good care of her there “she told me.

She was firm with rupert as she washed him. ” oh now , you are not the first puppy to have a wash”.

She had him on the table later. She doesn’t use a harness. She held him. She would rest while he fought and then calmed down and then start again. ” you have to let them think it is their idea” she told me.

She smiled throughout. Always in control. there were baskets of dog toys in both corners. She went to get Rupert’s father. I wanted to meet him. She carried him like a baby. He must have weighed 70 pounds. His long hair in a pony tail. Abbot was his name.

Essense All about me being his kennel name. All about me shortened to Abbot.

Carol took care of Rupert when we went on vacation. he was still young only about 10 weeks old. He got sick with a high fever and joint pain. She got me through it, taking him to the vet. He got through it too.

When we went to visit for another grooming last month. Rupert cried and whimpered and ran to her and pee peed a little being emotional because he loves her.

She also has two horses and two goats. She has a carriage and the horse takes her around town. She said when my mom and I come some time we ride in the carriage and bring rupert with us.


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2 Responses to carol

  1. Gabriele Stehle says:

    jenni, this is so lovely. Love your style, as always. Minimal. Just saying how it is in that special way of yours. I relaly like Carol. Wonderful description of her. I like how she takes care of her dogs, and her mom, and especially Rupert. How he pees out of happiness to see her. Who could blame him. Lovely piece.

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